Feasibility Studies

Bourne Management and Construction to determine the best approach for each individual project, we carry out feasibility studies, working alongside our clients from the very start of the project so that we can meet your exact requirements at the very best value, whilst ensuring that the project meets all the legal and regulatory approvals.

Our feasibility studies provide essential analysis of the viability of a proposed development, establishing the practicability and affordability of the project, whether you are looking to make a small alteration, a complete refurbishment, or develop a new build.

Our team of experts will consider all the relevant factors to provide realistic recommendations for your project, advising on all the different options available to you.

We will provide a full appraisal of all the costs involved, determining if it will be profitable, as well as detailed risk analysis, timeline and required investment forecasts, enabling you to make an informed and confident investment decision regarding the feasibility of your proposed development.